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I was travelling through Ireland in my twenties when I was given the opportunity to learn the true art of lead lighting. I gained considerable experience in the restoration of stained glass in churches, castles and cathedrals after working in Europe. Now more than 20 years later, as an established Wanaka artist, I continue to use traditional construction methods and techniques. Initially taught from a short course at Wanaka’s Autumn Art School, I  headed overseas and spent almost two years ‘on the tools’ working out the process used to create stained glass and leadlights.

Stained glass is an extraordinary and vibrant medium used for enriching personal and family living space, as well as in the outdoors, public spaces and in office environments. Each window is made for a specific location, and takes account of the sensibilities of the owner and the environment. As the day and seasons progress, the light changes and the stained glass responds, revealing something new and exciting with each variation and condition.

My current theme of using New Zealand native birds (no two are the same), came about from clients requesting more character in their home. With a passion for colour and capturing of the light, my experience combines both the design aspect and the actual construction of the work. I create many Central Otago landscape scenes, which feature kea, tui and fantail.  I also work with warm glass techniques, creating decorative mirrors, lampshades and a range of unique handmade jewellery.

Feel free to discuss ideas and then possibilities for commissions, without obligation.


The Tree of Life

This stained glass window is stunning. Set into the upper story of a strawbale home in Wanaka. The leadlight window was designed to suit both the owner with her passion for colour and the building itself.

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